Camping… Dream the Experience...  Live the Dream

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Camping… Dream the Experience... Live the Dream

Fresh mountain air, incredible vistas, an adventure of a lifetime. That’s what can await you on your next camping trip. Whether you’re heading to a stunning National Park like Glacier National Park in Washington or trying to explore a smaller local campground, camping is an incredible way to get away from it all, kick back, and relax.

Planning your next big adventure? Then check out these tips to make it one for the books!

Tip 1. Bring these fire starters.

Most people love to camp because they get a chance to sit by the fire. Before you head out the door, be prepared to start your fire easily by bringing:
  1.  Empty Paper Towel Rolls (cut in 1/2) or Toilet Paper Rolls
  2.  Dryer lint, shredded paper, or cotton dipped in Vaseline
  3.  Paraffin Wax

Combine the lint, paper or cotton with the Vaseline or Paraffin Wax, and put them in your Paper Roll.  Place them in the wood pile and lite them.  You will be warm before you know it!

Tip 2. Prepare campfire ready meals ahead of time.

Prepare a few campfire meals ahead of time so you can just throw it on the fire when you arrive. Think kabobs, marinate steaks, or even wrap some baked potatoes in tinfoil for easy cooking.

Next time you camp, use these tips to make it a truly relaxing getaway to the parks or the mountains.