Why Choose Bamboo for a Paddle Board?

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Why Choose Bamboo for a Paddle Board?

Environmentally Friendly and Green

Bamboo is a renewable resource.
It can be harvested in 3 years compared to 25 years for wood.
Harvesting bamboo causes it to spread and grow new shoots.
Wappa Paddle Boards are produced in a factory that is powered by 100% hydroelectric.
92% of factory waste is recycled
SUP cores are made with 25% recycled material.
Epoxy resin used has 31% biological content.
Using bamboo eliminates a layer of fiberglass and epoxy.

Strong, Stable and Beautiful

Wappa Paddle Boards are very stable and great for beginners.
Tested during 3920 hours of adverse real world conditions.
Moso bamboo is one of the hardest varieties of bamboo.
With a tensile strength up to 40 kN/cm2, it easily surpasses timber fibers (approx.  5 kN/cm2),
or even mild steel (36 kN/cm2).
Janka Hardness Test results show that Mosso is comparable to the hardness of 
European Oak (6280 kN).

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