Why consider Mons Peak IX Camping Gear?

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Why consider Mons Peak IX Camping Gear?

Why consider Mons Peak IX Camping Gear?

We have found Mons Peak IX to be a company that is working hard to supply unique quality gear to the Camping and Hiking community. 

Providing a tent with 2 different interchangeable floor sizes will extend your tent's life, and create interchangeable options for the backpacker 3 seasons out of the year, the car camper, and the person that likes to switch between the two scenarios.  

Providing a cooking system that has as good as, or better heating and packing capabilities as some of the other name brands, like Jet Boil, for a cheaper price, will make your camping trip a success.

Carbon Fiber Walking Sticks that are light and strong at a reasonable price, and lighting gear with capabilities that also allow you to charge your phone with long durability on the battery...  What else could you ask for?

We are happy with these products, and we know that you will be too!!!!!

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