NEW for 2019 - Mako Bamboo Paddle Board / SUP

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NEW for 2019 - Available March 1st


Mako provides the ultimate in family fun for flat water and in the waves!

Customers love the 36” wide Olas. Built on that success developed the 33” wide Mako.

Smaller and easier to handle, the wide deck of Mako makes it feel very stable. Despite its width, Mako turns on a dime while paddling, and the extra nose kick makes it possible to even catch white water waves with ease. It will be great in most wave conditions while still providing good glide through flat water.

Mako’s bottom shape starts with a single concave for lift and good nose riding capabilities which changes into a forward V in the standing area, promoting rail to rail trim and reactivity. It then converts into a tail concave, providing a flat tail rocker which helps to maintain rail curve for faster tighter turning.

It’s designed for riders up to 220 lbs and comes with FCS color matched fiberglass honeycomb fins, and a comfortable 5 mm thick 3M deck pad.


Dimensions:                      9’5”x33”x4.4”

Displacement:                  166L

Weight:                              23.7 lbs, 10.79 kg.

Rail Color:                         Vermilion

Style:                                  Surf

Center Fin:                         8” Honeycomb Fiberglass

Thruster Fins:                    4.7” FCS


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