Pop Up Pit & Heat Shield Combo Kit - The Portable, Go Anywhere FIre Pit

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A Firepit for All Seasons

Spring – Light and portable. Can be set-up quickly on a deck, in the backyard or on concrete.

Summer – Great for cookouts, in the backyard.  Packs up small enough to take on your summer vacation.  Perfect for a trip to the beach or mountains.

Fall – Perfect for tailgating!  Burns wood, charcoal or pellets.  Roast marshmallows or ADD the Grill Grates and cook steaks!

Winter – Sets-up on ice or snow without snow melt. Airflow increases radiant heat area.  ADD the Heat Shield and it is perfect for ice fishing.

For Cooking - Check out the optional Grilling Grate too!!!

 - Relax next to a smoke-LESS fire that produces a more radiant glow!

 - No more rusty fire pits and rust stains on your concrete or deck

 - No more eyesores on the deck or in the back yard

 - The Pop-Up Pit is a full-sized fire pit at 24” x 24” x 15” that packs up smaller than a camping chair!

 - The Pop-Up Pit Is THE most portable fire pit on the market weighing < 8 lbs

 - Pop-up Pit utilizes a modular design allowing for the use of a variety of different accessories

 - Pop-Up Pit appeals to a broad range of demographics for year round use anywhere you can imagine wanting to have a fire

 - Pop-Up Pit is a patent-pending design

 - Full-sized fire pit that packs down smaller than a camping chair

 - Utilizing our patent-pending fire mesh, the Pop-Up Pit allows for your fire to burn hotter, brighter and with LESS smoke!

 - Utilizes “Clean Burn Technology” – Wood fires burn with less smoke

 - Rapid cooling design – Cools to the touch in 90 seconds

 - Cleans up “like new” with a “Greenie” Scotch Pad

NEVER RUSTS – Eliminates dissatisfaction from rusty, dirty water staining fire pits

Heat Shield

 - Turn your Pop-Up Pit into a “Leave No Trace” fire pit!

 - The Heat Shield turns the Pop-Up Pit into the most versatile firepit on the market   

 - Refracts the heat – radiant heat – back into the thermal column, creating more heat and pulling more air into the fire mesh to create a “perfect burn”= LESS Smoke.

 - Place it anywhere!  On green grass, asphalt or a frozen lake!

 - Allows for Fires on surfaces such as grass, composite decking, wood decks, frozen lakes, etc. with no heat transferred to the surface below!

 - NO heat is transferred below the Pop-Up Pit + Heat Shield with a 1,200-2,000+ degree fire!

 - Meets US Forest Service(U.S.F.S.) and Bureau of Land Management (B.L.M.) Fire Pan guidelines!